Sunday, October 19, 2008

No Surprise, Texas tops first BCS Standing

The Texas Longhorns appear atop the first BCS standing of 2008, which isn't a surprise. It would have been more shocking if they were not. The standings offer little difference between the other national polls, and the top 5 is consistent to the 5 chosen by Harris voters. Though the Los Angeles Times projected the Trojans to appear in the fourth position this week, USC chimes in at No. 5, trailing Oklahoma, Penn State, Alabama, and front running Texas.

Mid-majors need a BCS standing of at least 12 to receive the automatic at-large bid, and both Boise State and Utah are already positioned to do so. In previous years, mid-major representatives made a slow crawl, opening low on preliminary BCS standings, before working their way into bowl position. Utah has a date with TCU later this season, and with a victory, the Horned Frogs may easily steal the Utes' bowl seat.


1.Texas .997
2.Alabama .948
3.Penn State .866
4. Oklahoma .831
5. USC .775
6. Oklahoma State .772
7. Georgia .720
8. Texas Tech .712
9. Ohio State .702
10.Florida .699
11. Utah .634
12. Boise State .587
13. LSU .498
14. TCU .419
15. Missouri .368
16. South Florida .329
17. Pittsburgh .283
18. Georgia Tech .240
19. Tulsa .236
20. Ball State .234

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