Sunday, November 2, 2008

Despite blowout, Trojans drop 2 spots; Bama No. 1

It's not exactly shocking, but the new BCS standings show USC falling two spots to No. 7, despite the 56-0 victory over Washington. But the Men of Troy weren't the only big winner to drop in rank after paddling an opponent. The Oklahoma Sooners also fell 2 places after 62-28 weekend blasting of Nebraska. You can say the programs are being penalized for their most recent opponents lacking strength, but also consider that Texas Tech has climbed to the No. 2 spot, not only rewarded for the take down of No. 1 Texas, but still receiving credit for two victories over FCS opponents.

The Red Raiders jumped 5 spots, including a leap over idle and undefeated Penn State. Penn State is another program that is penalized for the weakened Big 10. In all, the BCS top ten is represented by 4 programs from the Big 12 south, which will make it difficult for the majority of one loss teams outside that conference to secure higher spots. Each week brings another Big 12 match up of ranked opponents, and each week the winner will leap towards the top of the totem pole. Next weekend, Texas Tech will face No. 9 Oklahoma State. If the Cowboys win that game, they too will jump above a USC team playing Cal, after only having a loss to Texas on the road by just 4 points, and powering over the No. 2 Raiders.

Alabama is the Nation's No. 1 team, but you can see their victory over Arkansas State hurt them slightly, with Tech just mere percentage points below them. The Crimson Tide have a crucial game this coming weekend in Baton Rouge. A victory there can assist them in holding off some of the Big 12 risers.

BCS Standings for Nov. 2

1. Alabama .974
2. Texas Tech .937
3. Penn State .928
4. Texas .853
5. Florida .826
6. Oklahoma .822
7. USC .755
8. Utah .697
9. Oklahoma State .666
10. Boise State .652
11. Ohio State .555
12. TCU .544
13. Georgia .536
14. Missouri .492
15. BYU .373
16. LSU .371
17. Ball State .356
18. Michigan State .336
19. North Carolina .263
20. Georgia Tech .188

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