Tuesday, November 18, 2008

About the Song Girl wearing burnt orange...

In a tip from Trojanwire that led me to a story at Busted Coverage, Natalie Nelson is again revisited. Natalie, the former USC Song girl now married to Ryan Kalil, became infamous for appearing to cheer for the wrong team in the 2006 Rose Bowl game, by raising her arms to celebrate a Texas touchdown over USC. Now she's reappeared in Halloween photos, and she's clad in a Texas Longhorns football jersey. The photos are supposedly from Halloween of 2006, and I don't see any reason to blow them up to something bigger than they are. As pointed out by Scott Wolf, another Song Girl in the photo is also wearing a UCLA football jersey, so Natalie doesn't stand alone.

My take is this, Halloween is a day of horror. It's a time when people will dress according to the holiday's theme, and often the most hideous costume will win most contests. For females, they can be both hideous and sexy at the same time. What's the most horrifying thing you'd ever imagine a Song Girl in? How about uniforms of our enemies? As you can see in the group photo, a majority of USC's latest foes have been covered. Isn't it scary?

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