Tuesday, April 29, 2008

DOH-mer Of The Week- Charlie Weis

My DOH-mer normally reflects on a person or group from the week passed. But this week, I couldn’t help myself and needed to jump to real time. So essentially, some people will get a pass. The Phoenix Suns, and coach Mike D'Antoni, you get a pass. Popovich has put on a coaching clinic in your series with the Spurs, and by the time game 3 rolled around, D'Antoni “accidently” discovered that Boris Diaw would create mismatches on the floor. Let’s thank the ailing Grant Hill for enabling D'Antoni to see something that weeks of tape should have revealed. The Washington Wizards, you get a pass. You may be up 4-0 in the trash talk category, but your team is down 3-1 on the hardwood. Actions speak louder than words. Hmm.

They all get a pass, as I take you to one of my favorite places, Indiana, and the University of Notre Dame. Finally, my DOH-mer is actually a “Domer”. Charlie Weis receives his first, and this certainly won’t be his last, as I foresee a future of idiotic statements flowing from his lips.

Addressing the Notre Dame Club in Gettysburg, Weis spoke of the direction of his team and outlook for the future. When the discussion came to wins and losses, Weis’ comment was as follows:

“I could get hoodlums and thugs and win tomorrow. I won’t do it that way”.

In January, he threw his team under the bus, saying they just don’t comprehend what is being taught to them. Now, the latest comment says several things. You’re either telling your team they need a thug or telling them they can’t beat the thugs. Either way, both are wrong.

Notre Dame has never changed their recruiting process, yet other Notre Dame teams managed to win. They managed to win without thugs. They managed to haul in 12 national championships, without thugs. The thugless team he inherited from Ty Willingham was in National Championship contention in 2006. One year later, they finish with just 3 wins. Was it Brady Quinn or Jeff Samardzija that was the thug?

In their 3 win season, The Irish also lost to two service academies. Navy and Air Force have some of the more disciplined athletes in the nation. Ironically, Weis’ statement brings back memories of an Air Force coach saying they can’t win because they have slow White guys. And of course, BYU responded by saying “our slow White guys are better than yours”.

Let’s also take into consideration that Stanford has the same recruiting criteria as Notre Dame. The 42 point underdog Cardinal, with a coach making a hell of a lot less than Charlie Weis, managed to upset the top ranked USC Trojans. Weis’ Irish were shutout by the Trojans, even though they possess more five star players than Stanford could ever dream of, and have the nation’s top QB recruit.

And finally, to say USC, LSU, Texas, Florida, Ohio State, etc are winning with thugs is just plain ignorant. It’s ignorant to take a few bad apples and allow them to reflect the entire make up of a team. It’s ridiculous to say you’re losses are a result of having disciplined an honorable players, when the Mormon School, BYU, is projected to be next year’s BCS crasher. Florida State and Miami were given titles of “Thug U”, but in the ACC, it was the only other Division I-A Catholic school in the nation to field a football team, the Boston College Eagles, that damn near won the conference in 2007.

The problem in Notre Dame isn’t the players. It’s that DOH-mer of a coach they hired. You can’t hide their tradition and achievements, so you can't give bullsh*t reasons for your failures. In 2007, the Irish lost to some opponents that had better rosters. But in some of those losses, where the Irish were far superior on paper, Weis was simply outcoached. That’s something he’ll never admit, so he’ll just continue to shift the blame, with every opportunity he receives.

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