Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Let's Trade Whiney Ass Chad to the Dolphins

Welcome another member to the millionaire spoiled brat club. It seems like every year we get another one of these mouthy “holier than thou” players that want to bitch and complain about contracts and teams, and Chad Johnson is our 2008 version.

Chad is griping about his contract, while also using the “Bengals not building a contender” as a smokescreen. He wants to be at the top of the pay scale for NFL wide receivers, and he’s not. He wants to blame the Bengals for that, and he can’t. If Chad thinks he has a bad contract, then why the hell did he sign it? If Chad felt he would always perform like a top receiver and should be paid accordingly, then why not have the incentives included in the current contract, before pulling out the pen and inking “ocho-cinco” on the dotted line? Why blame the Bengals for something he agreed to? Why commit to being a future member of a team, if it comes with the condition of winning? Where in that contract (that he signed) does it say “…but, if the Bengals fail to make the playoffs, I need more money or a new team?”

I think the Bengals should give Chad Johnson what he wants, and it’s not the money. Pack his bags and ship him off. Let’s shut him up, and show him that success for an NFL wide receiver doesn’t come alone. Show him that a quarterback, scheme, and other role players are equally important to his individual success. Let’s trade him to the Dolphins.

Parcells doesn’t want the No. 1 pick, and Chad doesn’t want the Bengals. It’s a match made in heaven. Let the Bengals move on, and force Chad to have one of those “Randy Moss Oakland Raiders experiences”. Let’s shut him up, and watch him fade in a system without Carson Palmer, and without Houshmandzadeh on the other side. Let's put him where Wes Welker and Chris Chambers were, before they joined new systems and offensive attacks. Let’s trade whiney a$$ Chad to the Dlophins.

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