Monday, March 24, 2008

DOH-Mer Of The Week- DeAngelo Hall

I didn’t even have to search for a DOHmer to fill this week’s slot, because he found me. Well, he didn’t walk up to my door and introduce himself, but his past words placed the bull's-eye directly on his forehead. DeAngelo Hall gives further proof that athletes should have traveling stenographers for every media appearance. They should then plaster those notes on their bedroom walls, and read them repeatedly with each morning’s stretch and yawn. There’s no doubt they forget some of the bull$h!t that flowed from their lips or don’t care, but I always remember, and care enough pin them with my personal award.

We all know DeAngelo Hall, because he’s one of the more outspoken brats of the NFL. When he’s not making headlines with his play on the field, the write ups are about his full support of the dog fighting Michael Vick, arguing with teammates, and insubordinate behavior towards coaches and management. I won’t dwell on every incident involving DeAngelo, but just a couple of comments to show why he is DOHmer worthy.

When Bobby Petrino packed his bags and left Atlanta for the college game, a few players were vocal about the departure, with some calling him a quitter. Two of those Falcons were Alge Crumpler and Warrick Dunn. With Atlanta recently giving both players their walking papers, the organization basically said “Thanks for your support, but we’re quitting on you”. But they didn’t have to open the door for Hall, who was also critical of Petrino's exit, because he turned the knob and walked out on his own. You’ve gotta love the hypocrisy, and lack of loyalty, from a player that chose to shove his face in front of cameras to slam someone else abandoning that sinking ship.

It doesn’t end there, because we then received DeAngelo’s comments about money. From the lips of Mr. Hall came, “I don’t want to be the highest paid cornerback in the league and losing every game. Money only gets you so much happiness”. I doubt he remembered those words, while inking his name to a $70 million contract with the Oakland Raiders. If my memory serves me correctly, the Falcons just won a coin toss to determine which of 3 teams (all equal in futility) would have the third selection in the first round of the upcoming draft. The Raiders were one of those teams involved in the flip, meaning DeAngelo’s new team shares the exact same misery as his old.

Oakland won 19 games in the past 5 years, and the Falcons have won 35 (with a playoff birth). If it’s all about winning, then you latch on to the Cowboys or Patriots, who are in need of your services, and have a far greater chance of winning consistently. Winning is the "happiness", right? That kind of happiness could have be found if he stayed true to his words and lowered the asking price. Asante Samuel said “screw the happiness”, and went after the money. And guess what DeAngelo?---so did YOU.

You’ll now play for a team with an experimental quarterback (like the Falcons), went 4-12 in 2007 (like the Falcons), has a first time NFL coach from the college ranks (like the Falcons), and has a defensive line that parted like the red sea for opposing running backs (like the Falcons). Not much of a change of scenery, huh? But I hope you enjoy your new “happy place”, DOHmer.

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