Tuesday, January 13, 2009

3 playmakers returning makes '09 equally bright

Just admit, the thought of numerous player departures from USC was scary. It was even more frightening to look at the defensive side, which had the potential to possibly lose 10 of 11 starters. I'm fully aware that Southern California doesn't "rebuild" but will "reload", as I'm also confident in the talent of those players waiting to fill spots. But nothing replaces gameday experience, and that's where the fear set in. Opening against San Jose State with a depleted roster isn't going to raise the blood pressure. But taking a trip to "The Horshoe" in Columbus, with a revamped coaching staff and an inexperienced defense may bring worry. Though I must say, honestly, I'd still like our chances. But fear quickly subsided, and my mind was more at ease, when this morning a member of the Empire alerted me that the L.A. Daily News was reporting that Taylor Mays has decided to stay in school.

Pete Carroll announced that C.J. Gable and Josh Pinkard would also be attending USC in 2009, allowing 3 major contributors to the Trojans' past success to fight on to continuity and greatness in the future. We're still awaiting an announcement from Mark Sanchez. Let's hope he stays, so we can take this a step farther than we did in 2008.

Fight On!

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