Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 Trojan recruits will win a National Championship

The recruiting process is far from complete, and rosters remain to be filled. But one man is already making his fearless predictions for incoming classes, and if his vision is correct, a 12th national title for Southern California is on the way. Tom Luginbill is ESPN’s National Recruiting Director for Scouts, Inc, and with only portions of classes assembled, he already has a lot to say.

"Thanks to the recruiting classes landed in 2008 and 2009, USC will win the national championship by 2011. The Pac-10 championship is nearly a foregone conclusion since they play in a down Pac-10. If they don't, either the coaches aren't coaching or the players have dramatically underachieved."

USC is the only Pac 10 team to ever qualify for the BCS championship game, both times needing to finish the regular season undefeated. We’ve learned over the years that a one-loss Trojans team isn’t likely to get in, though they had an opportunity in 2006, before gathering a second loss in the last week of the season. But mostly, the Pac 10 will never overcome the popularity of other BCS conferences that may be hosting programs with an equal amount of losses. So when coupled with his statement of “coaches not coaching” or “players underachieving”, his projection insinuates that the Trojan youth will inevitably complete a perfect season.

Other predictions include Miami winning the ACC in ’09, and Texas quarterback recruit Garrett Gilbert winning the Heisman Trophy.

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