Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rey Maualuga receives Heisman votes; places 9th

The Heisman Trophy is presented to college football’s most outstanding player, as it is defined. But when you view a list of winners, it’s obvious that it’s an offensive achievement award, with only one primarily defensive player (Charles Woodson, Michigan ’97) ever taking the hardware home. Continuing on it’s offensive pattern, Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford took the Heisman home on Saturday night. But one defensive player appeared on the ballot and even received first place votes, and that was USC’s Rey Maualuga.

Maualuga is the 2008 recipient of the Chuck Bednarik Award, presented to the nation’s top defensive player. But when the results of the voting for the most prestigious award in all of sports were revealed, the Trojans middle linebacker appeared 9th in the final tally, receiving two first place Heisman votes. His total of 9 votes are far less than the 1726 earned by Bradford, but is one more than Michigan State running back Javon Ringer, and one less than Ball State quarterback Nate Davis. His 2 first place votes were more than Ringer and Davis gathered, and just one fewer than West Virginia’s Pat White and Texas Tech's Michael Crabtree.

*Sam Bradford, Oklahoma | 1st-300 2nd-315 3rd-196 total-1726

*Colt McCoy, Texas | 1st-266 2nd-288 3rd-230 total-1604

*Tim Tebow, Florida | 1st-309 2nd-207 3rd-234 total-1575

*Graham Harrell, Texas Tech | 1st-13 2nd-44 3rd-86 total-213

*Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech | 1st-3 2nd-27 3rd-53 total-116

*Shonn Greene, Iowa | 1st-5 2nd-9 3rd-32 total-65

*Patrick White, West Virginia | 1st-3 2nd-1 3rd-8 total-19

*Nate Davis, Ball State | 1st-0 2nd-1 3rd-8 total-10

*Rey Maualuga, USC | 1st-2 2nd-1 3rd-1 total-9

*Javon Ringer, Michigan State | 1st-1 2nd-0 3rd-5 total-8

*Source: Associated Press

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